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Carmel of St. Joseph High School

Since 1967



A.  Name

The name of the Association shall be the Parents Teachers Association of Carmel of St. Joseph School, Malad(W), Mumbai - 400 064. Abbreviated as P.T.A.C.J.S.

B.  Aims and objective,

1.  To safeguard the interest and promote the welfare of the students at home, in the School and in the Community.

2.  To establish harmonius and codial relationship between School and Community.

3.  To inspire parents to take keen interest in the children and the School.

4.  To work unitedly parents, teachers and the School authorities with due zeal and the devotion for the general improvement of the School.

5.  To help parents and teachers to adapt themselves to the changing concept of the society.

6.  To associate and cooperate with school authorities in the cultural and non-cultural activities of the school.

7. To guide and help the ex-students of the school to secure employment.

8. To advise and to organize socials, sports debates cultural actvities, educational tours, excursions, etc. for the educational and cultural development of the child.

9. To award prizes freeships, scholarships to the deserving students in order to create healthy competitions and promote education.

10. To raise funds, donations or subscriptions towards the fulfillment of these objectives and to help the institution in financial matters.

C.  All the activities of the P.T.A.C.J.S shall be of advisory or recommendatory nature and not mandatory. No decision of the association shall be imposed on the Management of the School without their due consent.

D. Membership

Every parent / guardian of the pupil(s) of Carmel of St. joseph School, Malad(W) whose name is / are on the rolls of the School at any period of time for which the membership sought, shall be entitled to be a life member of the P.T.A.C.J.C on payment of Rs. 100/- at the time of admission in Std I.

Parent (Father / Mother) both are single can become member(s) of the P.T.A.C.J.S. by subscription of the membership fee. Each member has a right to vote in the General Body.

Members of the Teaching Staff of Carmel of St. Joseph School automatically become members of the P.T.A.C.J.S. and are exempted from paying subscription.

 Application for the membership is acceptable on the prescribed form only, but the elected executive body by adhering to the objectives and other rules and regulations of the P.T.A.C.J.S.

E. The Executive Body and Office Bearers

The Executive body shall consist of not less than five Members and not more than fifteen members with the ration of 3:2 between parents and the teachers every one year.

The Executive Body will now consist of the following Office Bearers :

1. President : Sr. Zarina - Principal(Secondary) ( Non Elect Post)

2.Vice President  : Mrs. Willrine Vaz - Parent

3. Secretary : Mrs. Clara Kinny  (Secondary Teacher)

4. Secretary : Mrs. Sarita Pereira (Primary Teacher)

5. Joint Secretary  : Mrs. Darshana Shah - Parent

6. Treasurer  : Mrs. Veena Shetty - Parent

7. 19 Parent members, 19 Teachers Members (Secondary) & 14 Teachers Members (Primary) each division.

The term of office for the above is only one year.