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Carmel of St. Joseph High School

Since 1967

1. There will be two Semesters in a year and examinations will be held at the end of each Semester on the portions of subject covered during the Semester alone except in Grammar and Composition (any language).In these subjects the whole portion from the beginning of the year will be included for each examination. There will also be two unit tests one during each Semester for class IX & X.

2. Promotion will be made at the end of the Academic year at the end of the second semester - on the basis of the performance in the two semester examination and performance in unit tests, homework, practical, projects and surprise tests.

3. No students will be allowed to appear for the examination or granted promotion unless she has 75% attendance in each term separately as per the rules.

4. Absense for a subject excludes a students from being reckoned in the order of merit in the examination.

5. Wilful breach of any of the regulations for the  conduct  of the examination is punishable with detention in the same standard or expulsion from the school.


6. If a pupil is unable to appear for the whole or part of examination, for a valid and accepted reason, her case will be considered on the strength of the year's record.